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 Nyakana’s babes in a cat fight
 Published on  4/1/2012  |  Published By 


Robert, Dora and son playing happy family

Robert and Jackie at thier introduction ceremony in Kampala

Robert Nyakana the brother to Kampala LC5 Chairman Godfrey Nyakana should have been told that whatever is hidden will be brought to light. Sources reveal that Robert’s worst nightmare came true when his two girlfriends came face to face at T1.  

The two babes were identified as Dora Goa a UK based Nkuba kyeyo Ugandan and Jackie Nantale. Dora and Robert who lives in the US have a son together and have been in a long distance relationship meeting up after every two months.

On the other hand, he was secretly seeing Jackie who lives in Kampala and he would fly in and out of Uganda making sure that none of his babes felt neglected. But Jackie was playing for keeps forcing Robert to officially introduce her in November without Dora’s knowledge.

Finally, rumor of Robert’s shenanigans reached Dora so she decided to fly back for the Christmas holiday after learning that Robert would be spending the long holiday in Kampala . Robert decided to play it cool and threw a lavish birthday bash for his son with Dora at his brother’s Munyonyo based Victoria Resort beach following his Baptism at Rubaga.

Everything was going on well until Dora and Jackie met physically and demanded Robert to explain himself. When Robert wasn’t forthcoming, the babes took matters in their own hands each trying to assert her superior place in his life which resulted in a brawl of astonishing violence. Bouncers had to come in to separate the babes which took a longtime before peace could be re-established in the club.

Sources reveal that Robert is at a loss over what to do because he doesn’t want to lose Jackie who is said to be expecting their first child and Dora who is the mother of his first born son.


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